Month: March 2014

Time for alternator upgrade!

The car will often die when driving (intermittent) and the battery will be dead. A way to test if the battery is charging is get a voltmeter (cheap, $20) and measure the battery when you start the car – it should be around 13-14… Continue Reading “Time for alternator upgrade!”

A Full On ‘Miami Vice’ Tribute Will Make Anyone Want A Ferrari Mondial

A Full On ‘Miami Vice’ Tribute Will Make Anyone Want A Ferrari Mondial Patrick George We mourn the death of the gated manual gearbox on the next Audi R8 not only because it was awesome there but because gated manuals in general seem to… Continue Reading “A Full On ‘Miami Vice’ Tribute Will Make Anyone Want A Ferrari Mondial”

Nightmare Garage: Ferrari Mondial 8

The Mondial was never without its detractors…. January 31, 2013 by Cameron Rogers Photos from I absolutely love writing the articles that comprise the Dream Garage feature: they are the cars I will buy once I achieve my chosen profession of Eccentric Billionaire, and I… Continue Reading “Nightmare Garage: Ferrari Mondial 8”

Curbside Classic: 1985 Ferrari Mondial QV- Los Angeles Family Car

DAVE SKINNER – MAY 3, 2013 This summer, I mark my tenth year in Southern California, after spending the previous thirty years in the Denver area. While Denver’s dry western climate somewhat mirrors California’s, Colorado’s winter snow combined with the use of road salt tends… Continue Reading “Curbside Classic: 1985 Ferrari Mondial QV- Los Angeles Family Car”

Mondial Article from eBay

An eBay user wrote this about the Mondial that I thought was very interesting…   Consider a statistic: A 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8 can do 0-100MPH in 28.8 seconds.  The 1989 Ferrari Mondial T Coupe can do the same in 13.9 seconds.  Not only… Continue Reading “Mondial Article from eBay”

Lots of Progress….

Fixed1) Hood Latch2) Broken Driver side vent3) Replace the shifter4) Missing screws in the interior5) Smog Check6) New Tires7) Get new oil cap8) Upgraded new fuse box a) headlight is stuck in open positionb) strange hi pitched ringing in fuse box after I shut off… Continue Reading “Lots of Progress….”

How to remove front panel

I had the craziest time trying to remove the front panel and I couldn’t find any instructions. I had to remove because my clock was broken (the hour button doesn’t work) – my gas button was intermittently working, and my front hood button wasn’t working… Continue Reading “How to remove front panel”

Alternator is Crap

So my alternator is kaput. I’m hoping the following helps fellow Mondial and 348 brothers. The Mondial 89-91 uses the Delco Alternator and the 92-93 uses a Nippon Denso alternator. The Delco is crap, hence Ferrari upgraded it to the Nippon Denso. A lot… Continue Reading “Alternator is Crap”