Month: December 2013

Official Registered Owner

Today I am a registered official owner of a Ferrari *** Dear Mr. Chua, thank you for the information you have sent. We are glad to inform you that we have updated our records, and it was our pleasure to process your request to register… Continue Reading “Official Registered Owner”

New Tires…

My tires are old and hard – and it they have to be replaced.  This was the first time I spent considerable amount of time researching tires.  I asked some folks on and looked online for reviews. I got 3 members of FerrariChat… Continue Reading “New Tires…”

Fusebox Rebuild Time

Had some time to pop open the hood, got my screwdriver out – and unscrewed the fusebox from the frame. The hardest part was unlocking the white electrical clips from the fusebox (best done with a flat head screwdriver) – The process takes about… Continue Reading “Fusebox Rebuild Time”


One thing I love about Ferrari of course is their relative rarity: Here is production numbers for all models of Mondials: Mondial                                            … Continue Reading “Rare..”

True Brotherhood…

One of the reasons I love being a Ferrari owner – being able to chat/meet fellow folks that want to help one another out simply because of a shared love for the marque, as well as a common understanding why we love these cars… Continue Reading “True Brotherhood…”

Dodged a bullet?

So against better judgement — I decided to open up the garage, check the water level (looks good), check the oil level (in line), check for leaks (none), visual inspection of the engine/bay (everything looks in order)…. So I pull the baby out —… Continue Reading “Dodged a bullet?”

New Gear Shift Knob

  So when I got my car, it came with this ill-fitting (though good quality) wooden shift knob – it was made for levers that were supposed to be much thicker. My mechanic had put this really ugly FIAT shift knob that was super… Continue Reading “New Gear Shift Knob”

Spy Hunter

So took the horsey up a popular road in the Bay Area in Woodside (Woodside/La Honda Road) and I came to wide open stretch of road. I’ve been driving pretty conservatively so I felt the car was ready to stretch its legs a bit.… Continue Reading “Spy Hunter”

Electrical Gremlins Galore

These old Ferrari have electrical gremlins everywhere. 1) Headlights will open/close spontaneously 2) Tach is slow 3) Side Marker lights won’t work 4) Radio stopped working 5) Antenna won’t go up and down 6) Fog Lights won’t work Other than these problems – everything… Continue Reading “Electrical Gremlins Galore”