Month: November 2017

These 10 Ferraris cost less than you’d think…

Moving into the ’80s, the shunned Mondial is now seeing something of a renaissance among the style savvy

How to buy a supercar: Autocar’s expert guide

“Some might say we’re entering the market just as it’s plateaued but all markets have their cycles, even the cars themselves,” says Sohl, whose personal collection includes a Ferrari Dino 246. “For example, the Ferrari Mondial may be cheap and unpopular but it’ll bounce… Continue Reading “How to buy a supercar: Autocar’s expert guide”

AutoBild (German)

Fritz Neuser, formerly a Ferrari dealer and has been active in the car trade for not less than 55 years, today sells high-caliber, value-added potential across brands. The man knows what he is talking about and predicts that the Mondial will double its value within… Continue Reading “AutoBild (German)”

Price Sheet from 1985