How to remove front panel

I had the craziest time trying to remove the front panel and I couldn’t find any instructions. 
I had to remove because my clock was broken (the hour button doesn’t work) – my gas button was intermittently working, and my front hood button wasn’t working either.

So to remove the panel, you have to remove the side panels in the foot wells first (I took out the Driver Side one) – There are 3 screws that allow you to remove it. It should be two parts, the other side has another 3 screws you remove as well.



Once you remove that cover, you’ll have access to behind the panel – there you’ll have to unscrew 4 points from behind (I’ve colored them red in the picture) – After this the panel comes off and you can easily unfasten the buttons.

I bought the switches (expensive) for about $50, I’m thinking these are probably crossed parted and you can get them at 1/10th the cost somewhere else. I fixed replaced the gas button $50, had the clock sent to these guys ($40):

Auto Clock Repair – Home

And replaced the hood button (no dice) – I’m thinking now the pulley is toast – so I ordered one from eBay for $45

8kg Holding Force DC 12V 10A Pull Linear Solenoid Electromagnet | eBay

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