Time for alternator upgrade!

The car will often die when driving (intermittent) and the battery will be dead. A way to test if the battery is charging is get a voltmeter (cheap, $20) and measure the battery when you start the car – it should be around 13-14 voltz – mine didn’t budge and stuck around 12.1 (which is already pretty low when attached to the trickle charger) it really should be around 12.6 12.7

First thing you want to do is check the connectors on the battery – they often can get pretty corroded and dirty. If you clean it up and still see the voltage not moving – check the alternator connections, the pulley, the cable, etc. A shop can tell you for sure if the alternator is bad.

The Mondial comes with either the AC Delco 89-91 or Nippon Denso alternator. I had the Ac Delco which you can buy online Delco part number is 10479969 – These are 100% compatible with all connections except the pulley which is a 30 second job to change with a impact wrench. 

The thing is – the stock alternator is pretty crummy so have a shop, Quick Start Automotive Electric
1-616-606-5045 | E-mail: info@QSALTS.com 
in Michigan order the alternator for me and upgrade all the “guts” so to speak to a 140 AMP version. They also did a bunch of other stuff to make it more robust. Cost was $185 shipped for the whole thing.

Here’s the key – often a bad alternator can mess up a perfectly good battery and vice versa so it’s best to replace alternator and battery at the same time to ensure no “cross contamination” so to speak. I bought the Yellow Top Extreme battery to replace at the same time. ($150 on Amazon) – this Battery is pretty much the Rollys Royce of batteries in the real of sanity (some elite batteries out there are $1000+)
This can easily be changed on jacks, but I’m too much of a wuss to do it myself – so I hired somebody to just swap out the alternator for me. Should be a 1 hour job – 1.5 hour job at most! Dropped it off with a new Yellow Top battery at Roselli Foreign Car Repair in San Jose California. Meet the owner – seemed like a nice chap. Usually Dino Motors handles my car, but these guys seem like they may be quicker/cheaper. I met Roberto the owner, he seems like a nice guy – no complaints thus far.


From what I read, this could have easily been done with some jacks, but I’m too big of a wimp to get under the car – paranoid visions of metal crashing down on my face come to mind. Yeah yeah, I’m a wimp. 

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