Month: December 2014

From EVO Uk

Italian classics form part of a fastidiously-maintained collection owned since new Three low-mileage Italian classics will cross the auction block in a Silverstone Auctions sale at February’s Race Retro show. The Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari Mondial T and Alfa Romeo SZ are presented in almost… Continue Reading “From EVO Uk”

Classic Driver (translated from German)

Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet: A diva, so pure and white as fresh snow March 28, 2013 Just in time for spring, she starts up again, this desire for buying a car.Before you fritter away the precious time of the first rays of the sun with… Continue Reading “Classic Driver (translated from German)”

Post from “Club Cara” (translated from French)

Photos of the Day: Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet by Eddy Clio , Lionel Lucas On April 24, 2010 at 14:16 Is there a Ferrari that is unappreciated? Yes! Is this justified? Not in all cases … Take the example of the Ferrari Mondial T… Continue Reading “Post from “Club Cara” (translated from French)”


PH CARPOOL: FERRARI MONDIAL Four-seater Ferrari proves a family favourite for this week’s featured PHer Name: Mark Jackson Car: Ferrari Mondial T Coupe Owned since: October 2012 Previously owned: Westfields (six different chassis types with over 10 different engines and five gearbox configurations!), some… Continue Reading “PH CARPOOL: FERRARI MONDIAL”

Incredible treasure trove of rusting classics worth £12MILLION is found languishing in a French Farm Ferrari Mondial 3.2L Cabriolet : This is the only production mid-engined car with four seats that is fully convertible

1989 Mondial t 4WD Factory Prototype

Hat Tip “Wade” from Ferrarichat “While looking through the All Ferraris website I noticed this page about a 4WD prototype. A preliminary search here (FerrariChat) and elsewhere revels nothing. However, my guess is that the car was more of a test mule (drive-train testing)… Continue Reading “1989 Mondial t 4WD Factory Prototype”

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