Month: August 2013

Dino Motors

The closest shop to me that I’ve always seen was Dino Motors.  I gave them a call a couple weeks ago and was greeted by the friendly owner, Johannes Huwyler.   I had scheduled to have the car dropped today, and I was looking forward… Continue Reading “Dino Motors”

Window Sticker

Here is the original window sticker for the car – I thought the $3,000 Gas Guzzler Tax was interesting. So this was $109,950 in 1991 Dollars – With tax (about 8.5% in California) We’re looking at $119,295 in 1991 Dollars – If this was… Continue Reading “Window Sticker”

Ferrari Chat Advice

I spend a lot of time on  Before I had my car checked out by the pros – I thought I would ask around to see if anybody had any ideas on what was wrong.  A whole group, fraternity really, jumped in and… Continue Reading “Ferrari Chat Advice”

Took delivery of the Mondial today…

Just took delivery of my 91′ Mondial today (48K Miles) – it is a beauty.  It is much better looking in person than in photos. Also, my ‘cherry’ got popped with my first Ferrari Gremlin. When driving at slow speed or a stoplight –… Continue Reading “Took delivery of the Mondial today…”

Mondial not being fast…

I wanted to follow up on my comment on the Mondial not being ‘fast.’ Please do not get me wrong, I agree wholeheartedly the Mondial is by no means a slogger. My comment applies to the fact that modern day mainstream vehicles have achieved… Continue Reading “Mondial not being fast…”

About to buy a Mondial t

 I am currently starting my Ferrari journey. I’m married, have two children (6 and 8), I am fond of cars (especially Ferrari.) After looking at a lot of different cars, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Mondial met my extremely strict criteria for… Continue Reading “About to buy a Mondial t”