Month: February 2014

Pope John Paul

nuff said…

Ferrari “tax”

Leave it to Ferrari to charge $100 for a stupid part that should cost at most $5.00 – I had to buy the “ring nut 28mm” tool to remove the steering wheel. I tried to make one myself taking a first 20mm socket (then… Continue Reading “Ferrari “tax””

Steps to remove tachometer

1) Using a flathead screwdriver, remove black plastic panel face (snaps off)2) There will be four screws holding the tach into the windshield, remove those. Be careful not to remove the 4 screws that connect the silver face plate holding the tach into the… Continue Reading “Steps to remove tachometer”

Fixed Tach and Gas Gauge

Just got back from Palo Alto Speedometer – I am so blessed to have them just 10 minutes away – they are awesome – customer service is fantastic! So they fixed my Tachometer – and it is installed and in good shape – while… Continue Reading “Fixed Tach and Gas Gauge”

Complete Tear Out!

Last weekend, I pulled out the tools and decided to tackle as much of the issues I’ve been dealing with once and for all. So I removed the two screws from the shifter/tray and pulled out the whole center console. I also removed the… Continue Reading “Complete Tear Out!”

Fixed and To-Do List

To Do List… 1) Antenna doesn’t work 2) Lap belts won’t retract 3) Exhaust leak somewhere…. 4) Headlights will open/close spontaneously 5) Tach is slow 6) Side Marker lights won’t work / Instrument Cluster does not light up 7) Fog Lights won’t work 8)… Continue Reading “Fixed and To-Do List”