Lots of Progress….

1) Hood Latch
2) Broken Driver side vent
3) Replace the shifter
4) Missing screws in the interior
5) Smog Check
6) New Tires
7) Get new oil cap
8) Upgraded new fuse box 
a) headlight is stuck in open position
b) strange hi pitched ringing in fuse box after I shut off the car (replaced relay)
9) Clean engine bay/confirm no oil leaking from valve cover
10) Replaced Transmission fluid
11) Replace water pipe
12) New Battery
13) Fixed short in pan
14) Replaced engine relay/fuses for fuel pump
15) Lap belts retract now, but slooowly
16) Fixed Tach breadboard
17) Gas Gauge fixed
18) Re-did interior carpeting
19) Replaced Radio / Checked speakers
20) Hood door switch replaced
21) get new rear badge
22) Replaced wiper tube flange
23) Re-dud leather restoration project
24) Purchased new hood foam


To Do List…
1) Motor Antenna doesn’t work
2) Hood latch motor
3) Exhaust leak somewhere
4) Check compression/valve timing
5) Headlights will open/close spontaneously
6) Side Marker lights won’t work / Instrument Cluster does not light up
7) Add 3 point seat belt back
8) Center fan vent chipped
9) Replace side rubbers molding
10) get oil cap gasket

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