Month: May 2016

1986 Mondial 3.2 Sold Today at Mecum…iolet/5-Speed/ Sold for 54,000 + 10% buyers premium + 7% tax (Indiana requires tax paid to Mecum at time of purchase) = $63,180 for 1986 Mondial Cabriolet – Bam!

Brought a tear to my eye – a must watch

“I love my Ferrari Mondial with a PASSION” -John Pogson – Maranello trained Ferrari Engineer and Ferrari tuner for 35 years, 6 Time British Ferrari Champion John, I completely understand and share your same passion my friend..

My thoughts on Negative Commentary on the 1980-1982 Mondial 8

Contrary viewpoints on the Mondial 8 fall into four categories. 1) Price – Agreed – overpriced back then for what you got in performance (assuming that was your primary objective)- I do not protest. I agree that it was overpriced, but every Ferrari is… Continue Reading “My thoughts on Negative Commentary on the 1980-1982 Mondial 8”