Alternator is Crap

So my alternator is kaput. I’m hoping the following helps fellow Mondial and 348 brothers.
The Mondial 89-91 uses the Delco Alternator and the 92-93 uses a Nippon Denso alternator.

The Delco is crap, hence Ferrari upgraded it to the Nippon Denso. A lot of the problems with the Mondial can be traced to the garbage alternator, as I’ve seen power spikes happen to fry various fuses here and there.

My Delco is rated at 105 amps and has a crappy thing base plate, no cooling fins, no thermal contact to the alternators case, and the cooling surface has 4 tiny holes to cool it – it’s crap.

Don’t go out and buy a Ferrari alternator – that will cost you $1,000 + – the same exact alternator can be had for about $125 – Delco part number is 10479969 – These are 100% compatible with all connections except the pulley which is a 30 second job to change with a impact wrench.

The internals are from the CS 130 family FYI

You can buy it from USA Built High Output Alternators, Upgrades, Conversions, Starters, Parts, Kits and More! which will outfit it with a high power rectifier and regulator and ship it to you for under $200

I also ordered a Yellow Top Extreme battery to replace at the same time.

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