Month: March 2017

Meetup today with 2 fellow Mondial t owners

Great Photo!

Recent Auction at IWM Duxford Auction on 29 March 2017

The Story: Here are the results – and you can watch it… Skip to: 2:55:08 Non-running Mondial 8!!! £21,250 + 15% = £24,438 = $30,391 Strangely, a running Mondial with less miles got less! Skip to: 4:16:35 1981 Mondial 8 £20,000 +… Continue Reading “Recent Auction at IWM Duxford Auction on 29 March 2017”

We’re back…

Official Ferrari Mondial Retrospectives for the 70th Anniversary

Nice to see the car getting a couple of features and love from the official Ferrari Website. Mondial 8 and QV The Ferrari legacy Mondial QV Cab, Mondial 3.2, and Mondial t The Ferrari legacy

Top 10 Famous Ferraris to Hit the Big and Small Screens

Another 10 classic cars to buy before it’s too late

What a nice surprise!

I’ve lived in my neighborhood now for almost ten years. Today, I saw one my neighbors a few blocks away with his garage open, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a car that looked like a vintage Ferrari. I stopped… Continue Reading “What a nice surprise!”

Models posing with the Mondial QV Coupe

The Mondial doesn’t usually have models posing for their cars.  These were sent to me from a fan of the site.  (Thanks Sid!)

Worship your Ferrari in this minimalist Japanese abode