Month: April 2018

Why was 1980 a bad time for sports cars?

Journalists┬ádon’t do a good job explaining the 1980 epoch, and why so many cars were underpowered and not judge the car in a vacuum without context. Ferrari had to abide by strict EPA regulations at this time. The same rules that forced the creation… Continue Reading “Why was 1980 a bad time for sports cars?”

Mondial Myths (Part II)

I’ve always respected opinions about aesthetics (or lack thereof.) I’m one of the few in the small minority that always hated (even as a kid) the general shape of the 911 (gasp) – so I am very much in the school of ‘eye of… Continue Reading “Mondial Myths (Part II)”

Additional thoughts about the Mondial 8

1980 was a horrible era for *all* high-performance cars that were allowed to be imported into the USA. Articles that single out the Mondial 8 was just as unfair then as it is now. Why not mention the 308gtsi? The Maserati Marek? The Lamborghini… Continue Reading “Additional thoughts about the Mondial 8”

Get well Francesco!!

Looking forward to the Bahrain race