Month: February 2017

Mondial 8 (80K Miles) 33K

Historics at Brooklands – Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers – Ref 114 1981 Ferrari Mondial Coupe $32,900 (USD at a 1.25 fx) (I believe this does NOT include buyers fee) The kicker? It’s an 8, and it has 80,000 miles on her… Solid… Continue Reading “Mondial 8 (80K Miles) 33K”

Old Factory Photo…

Online German Article about an owner and his two Mondials…

Thomas Niewald, Thanks for sharing your two Mondials Here is the link…r-Ferrari.html (use google translate to go from German to English)

Autoblog Argentina Article

..and yet another positive article about the Mondial, this time from Autoblog Argentina (translated from Spanish) Ferrari Mondial: ┬┐el Patito Feo? – ARGENTINA AUTOBLOG Final Summary quote: “If I were in a situation of dancing with little luck and about to dawn, without hesitating… Continue Reading “Autoblog Argentina Article”

Updated Performance Specs

Specs will vary depending on a variety of factors: Driver, weather, condition of the road/vehicle etc. ┬áBased on pervious reviews We have 0-60 best of 5.6 (AutoCar 1/91& Road & Track 1/90) and a worse of 6.6 (Road & Track 1/91) We have a… Continue Reading “Updated Performance Specs”