Month: April 2014


I think it’s been nearly two months since I’ve brought my car into the shop to replace the alternator and water pump….crazy…I got a call that it should be ready this weekend…. Keeping fingers crossed

May 1993 Motortrend Convertible Buyer’s Guide

Early 90’s chic d 

Mondial Price History

Mondial Price History I created a nifty chart that has average sale prices from Ferrari Market Letter for the various Mondial models. Some thoughts 1) Looks like there was a steady decline in price among all models and really exacerbated to the ‘low point’ during… Continue Reading “Mondial Price History”

Silly Me!

Silly Me! I used to not be the greatest fan of the Ferrari Daytona because in my own head I felt it looked too much like a C4 Corvette that I grew up with in the 80’s and 90s This illustrated my ignorance –… Continue Reading “Silly Me!”

Prices going up?

I’ve been checking out prices for Mondial’s Ts lately.  I remember as recent as 2 years ago – they averaged about $30K-$35K (I got mine for a bargain $27K) I see all over the web they are averaging about 40K – is this the… Continue Reading “Prices going up?”

Player Haters Ball

I felt compelled to write a few words on what I’ve seen all over the web with this much maligned vehicle. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and believe much of the derision is multifaceted. I wanted to break down how I see… Continue Reading “Player Haters Ball”

Waiting forever for the car to get fixed

So I had hoped going to a new shop might have sped things up a bit for fixes – the current shop is just as slooowww as Dino Motors – at least they are really friend – but it’s crazy how much in demand… Continue Reading “Waiting forever for the car to get fixed”

Mondial Buyer’s Guide

Ferrari Mondial Buyer’s Guide – Ferrari Owners Club Florida Region

Ferrari Buying Guide- The Affordable Ferraris

This is from the eBay Buying Guide:  Lots of people dream of owning a Ferrari and for good reason.  Mr. Ferrari was committed to building one less car than there was demand for- this has resulted in a succession of very successful models.  In… Continue Reading “Ferrari Buying Guide- The Affordable Ferraris”