Month: June 2016

Historical Quotes from Car Magazines…

Here is a summary of closing conclusions on the Mondial from different car magazines.. Mondial t Not only does the Mondial t Cabriolet offer all the right pieces, but it also tingles your soul with all the right sensations…Admittedly, the Mondial t Cabriolet provides… Continue Reading “Historical Quotes from Car Magazines…”

Various Cool Photos of Mondials


What’s a good, actually sorted Mondial REALLY worth?

Just my opinion: To hard to say prices are all over the map!!! I will throw this out there though well sorted (nothing wrong, recent 30K service) reasonable miles (less then 40k) – circa 2016 q2 8: 35 Qv: 40 3.2 45 T: 50

How many Ferrari made ever?

Answer: Total Ferrari production, 1947-2015: 184,814

Barret Jackson Palm Beach 2016

Barret Jackson Palm Beach 2016 1986 Mondial 3.2 26K Miles Sold for $50,000 News Story “Some other impressive figures on more common cars included a 1986 Ferrari Mondial convertible which sold for $49,500”

Various Photos from fellow Mondial owner “Jurgen” (thanks)

I recently aquired 2 pictures through Ebay of the introduction of our beloved Ferrari: the Mondial. It was presented for the first time as the Mondial 8 at the 50th Geneva Motor Show of 6-16 march 1980. So as this years’ Geneva Salon is… Continue Reading “Various Photos from fellow Mondial owner “Jurgen” (thanks)”

Various Videos of Mondials from YouTube

Here are some more from around the ‘Tube Doing doughnuts in the parking lot why? ugh nice rims.. *nice 3.2* wish I had access to airport strip *cool QV* that sound! Spinning out on Nurburgring (skip to 2:31) unfair..

Vintage Italian Review of the Mondial t


348 vs the Mondial t acceleration figures..

Somebody claimed the Mondial t was “faster” then the 348 and was challenged on Fchat. My Response: The 348 and t coupe were very evenly matched. Some would say that’s a testament to how ‘slow’ the 348 was. I think the 348 is awesome,… Continue Reading “348 vs the Mondial t acceleration figures..”