Month: October 2015

Mondial in Jalopnik

For $20,995, This 1982 Ferrari Mondial 8 Will Let You Say You Own A Ferrari You’ll see me in the comments sections dispelling myths, spreading knowledge, and being a friendly dude.

Dutch Article on the Mondial

Sorry for the crazy translation – had to use Google Translate to convert to English Under the hammer: Mid Ranged Priced Ferrari by Vincent van der Vinne (1/31/2015) Whoever wants to buy a classic Ferrari convertible, must now have a lot of money. For… Continue Reading “Dutch Article on the Mondial”

So while I was doing some spirited driving, my Check 5-8 engine light would turn on and off. When I got home I pulled the code and got the 1211 & 1212 For those that are not aware, these are O2 sensor codes….basically saying… Continue Reading “”

French Magazine Article on Mondial 8.4.2015

“The hidden nugget of Maranello!” “Unloved by Ferraristi….yet is one of my favorite Italians.” “So this is the time to invest….what a pleasure to ride to the sound of V8 in the back, with wives and children, and why not with the wind if… Continue Reading “French Magazine Article on Mondial 8.4.2015”

Quick Easy Replacement for Hood Foam

Just wanted to give praise to Bob’s foam factory and the super service I got from Bob and his son. As you know the foam on the hood will turn into dust after a few years. I found out about a custom foam supplier… Continue Reading “Quick Easy Replacement for Hood Foam”