Month: January 2017

A great comparison review


Dyno Charts and Brochures

Okay, So I got brochures for all 4 models. my small scanner can’t take the huge T brochure, so I’ll get that scanned at my industrial scanner later. In the meantime here is the brochure for the 8 and qv 3.2 and t coming…

Retromod’s Article on a Modified Mondail 8

“This car is rolling proof of the goodness inherent in the oft-maligned Mondial, which at heart is a true driver’s car.”

Ferrari Mondial Auction Prices

I’ve started to tabulate all the auction prices for the Mondial. You can view here…it?usp=sharing Feel free to make a copy and do with it as you please. Also, don’t hesitate to let me know of correction and/or mistakes.  

Wow – probably highest I seen paid for a Mondial 8…ONDIAL–201940

Mondial t Review

Ferrari Mondial T vs BMW 635 CSi drag race