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Years of lap times on various tracks vs other Ferrari in the real world, not what some doofus reads and regurgitates.

Lap Times of the Mondial t courtesy of UK Ferrari Club

Amazing animation by Greg Cooper

Amazing animation by Greg Cooper. from outrun

Cool Video of 308 GT4 vs Mondial t

Stick shift snapped in two!

Read about it here


I’ve been thinking my ‘hateful 10’ and realized that most can be rectified. Let me start with the 3 things that nothing I can do will change. #1 – Maintenance cost. It’s an old car. It’s exotic. It’s not driven daily. All these things…

Things I don’t like about the Mondial

I’ve written tons of articles about what is right about the Mondial. I think it’s about time I take a different direction. Things that I hate. This post would be a great counterbalance, and importantly provide intellectual honesty on the car. Here’s my list:…

Mondial 8 retrospective Part III

Let me step back and restate my thesis for clarity: The 1980 Mondial 8 (US Spec, perhaps a more apt description would be California Spec) *is slow* compared to used cars and vehicles available to purchase outside the United States in 1980. However, compared…

Context is King Part II

One thing to note as well is I started doing analysis – I first limited it to cars that were 2+2 (I mean it’s sort of unfair to compare cars from different classes.) For example, one would not compare a Lusso to a Mclaren…

Context is King.

I’ve often talked about the reason why/how the Mondial got the ‘poor’ performer albatross tossed around its neck. When the Mondial 8 first came it, it was designed from the get-go to pass stringent emissions rules worldwide, specifically the United States, and in particular…