Where did Paul GO?

Did Paul die? Did his Mondial blow up? Is the love affair done?

NO NO and NO!

I still own my Mondial, and it’s better than ever. I’ve been very busy with a Ferrari 456 and other projects, but I will say with zero doubt – the Mondial continues to be my favorite car of all I’ve had. The 456 is excellent, trouble-free, and a fantastic car, but it’s just very different.

I’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks and add new content! Suffice it to say, it is bittersweet to see what we all knew was coming eventually – the prices of the Mondial have been steadily rising.

I hope it doesn’t become a ‘garage queen’ model and stays accessible to the everyday enthusiast—more on this in the coming weeks.

Official Ferrari coverage of Concours D’elegance 2021: Ferrari Mondial.

I was very pleased to see Justin Bell interview the family that proudly brought their Mondial right dab in the center!

(start at 1:10)

Don’t forget Bob Varsha’s funny remark of not wanting kids in the back seat of the Ferrari. He admits he misses the point, and rightly so.

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