Pit Stop….

I’m driving up in the Santa Cruz mountains.

About after 2 hours, I hear a clankty-clank sound and then a loud ka-pow and I fear the worst. The engine feels fine and no smoke or additional sounds after that. I do notice the tire feels flat. I pull off to the side of the road, and yup – flat tire.

No biggie happens all the time.

When I get the tire off, I noticed I can’t find any damage on the tire itself. I eagerly anticipate seeing where the hole is that caused the flat.

The tire finally off, what do I see?

A huge 1-inch hole INSIDE the rim and a piece of the metal actually fall out. As if a gun when off INSIDE the tire!

The rotor, brakes, and wheel well are perfect. The car runs smoothly and with zero problems.

The guys at the tire shop are all scratching their heads in amazement.


That piece of metal you see is confirmed to be part of the rim. I mean, what could cause this? Like a metal rod just enter my rim just right and create a hole? I’m super confused.

What’s so odd is the tire is completely fine – whatever did this somehow go inside the rim itself.

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