YAGA (Yet another great article)

the Mondial’s a terrific grand-tourer. If you don’t want to spank your Ferrari down a B-road periodically, but instead plan to take it on jaunts to visit friends or across Europe, that means it makes a lot of sense.

You also get one of the best interiors of a contemporary Ferrari – light and airy, and spacious too. Let’s not forget, of course, those rear seats – enabling you to take the whole family out (and, perhaps, justify it to other members of the household who might need to be placated).

But you still have those familiar Ferrari tropes of an open-gate gear change and a mid-mounted V8; not to mention terrific, user-friendly handling ideal for a Ferrari novice. Ok, so it wasn’t that quick even by the standards of the day – but thanks to that V8’s yowl, it’ll still make you feel special.



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