Things I don’t like about the Mondial

I’ve written tons of articles about what is right about the Mondial. I think it’s about time I take a different direction. Things that I hate. This post would be a great counterbalance, and importantly provide intellectual honesty on the car.

Here’s my list:

#1 – Maintenance cost. It’s an old car. It’s exotic. It’s not driven daily. All these things combine to make to make this car a much more expensive proposition than many other cars.

#2 – Small back seats. When my daughters were younger (and smaller) – the back seats fit them perfectly. Now that my kids are getting older; having them have to sit back there with any trip longer than 30 minutes would not win me any “Dad of the year” awards. That said, they are still usable for short trips. They are really for smaller folks.

#3 – Windows are slow to go up (down is fast) – I hear there are some things you can do to rectify this, so I’ll make this a ‘half-gripe.’

#4 – Automatic mice/seatbelts – really annoying.

#5 – Fuel economy – 13 mpg (nuff said)

#6 – Headlamps are relatively dim compared to LED/Xenon/HID – like the windows, I hear easy upgrades out there – so again a ‘half-complaint.’

#7 – Roof leaks when it is raining – probably has more to do with my replaced soft top, and maybe fixable.

#8 – Knee bolsters seem unnecessary large – it seems that removing them would allow me to get an extra 2 inches of leg/knee room

#9 – 2nd Gear needs about 5-10 minutes to warm up to be usable

#10 – Because it’s so low to the ground, it can cause scrapes.

That’s my hate list!

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