Context is King Part II

One thing to note as well is I started doing analysis – I first limited it to cars that were 2+2 (I mean it’s sort of unfair to compare cars from different classes.) For example, one would not compare a Lusso to a Mclaren 720. What I found was when compared to 2+2 – the 8 was more than capable. So I extended it to strictly 2 seaters only like the Vette and Delorean (I should have added the 308gtsi, thank you)

What I found was even compared to the 2 seat ‘pure’ sports cars the Mondial 8 had nothing to be ashamed about. Being behind 0.1 seconds the 308gtsi should not make any US 8 owner feel especially bad.

Again, let me say the Mondial 8 is SLOW. No doubt about it. This is not an attempt at revisionist history. The thing I want to remind folks though is ALL BRAND US CARS (308gtsi notwithstanding) were slow the year Ronald Reagon took office. Just a conveniently left out and the most important piece of context when evaluating the “poor” performing Mondial.

Nevermind that the Mondial was considered the best handling Ferrari EVER up to that point (that’s never mentioned huh?) Nor do people understand California compliant and handicapped Mondial 8 (US Spec) represents just 2 PERCENT of all Mondials on the road.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is the 205 HP was in Euro Spec. All road tests of the Euro 8 were consistently faster than the US. I’ve heard the version Americans had was more in line like 180hp. That’s how you get a US spec 308GTSi doing only 16s back in 1980. The difference is, nobody points to that road test when judging the 308’s bonafides…let alone the 308qv or the 328.

You literally have folks that believe a Mondial t coupe does the 1/4 in 17+ seconds today.

Here is a video of a drag race with a Mondial t Coupe and a BMW M635CSi

The M635CSI does 1/4s in the low 14s FYI.

Here is the video of the T Coupe vs a Testarossa. Clocked 13.8 in the 1/4 (Bone stock except for exhaust)

Again, in today’s day and age – I know of Honda Civics that can go faster, so not bragging by any means – just wanted to give historical context. 13.8 in 1989 was very respectable, and more importantly firmly in the ‘sweet’ spot when driving today on public roads.

Aaron, another cool Mondial owner had done some modifications to the Mondial 8:

This is before and after we tuned the CIS fuel injection. I showed the O2 readings at the bottom, you can tell they were way too lean for the engine to make max power before. Give the girl a little fuel and she really picked up some power.



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