Why was 1980 a bad time for sports cars?

Journalists don’t do a good job explaining the 1980 epoch, and why so many cars were underpowered and not judge the car in a vacuum without context. Ferrari had to abide by strict EPA regulations at this time. The same rules that forced the creation if the 308gtsi (16.1 1/4 Road and Track 81′) These stringent rules is what yielded 10-second 0-60 Ford Mustangs, 15.9 1/4 mile Corvettes, and 16.2 1/4 mile Porsches.

Is the 8 fast compared to previous offerings? By no means do I claim that; but I would hope these ‘journalists’ would give context and judge a car by its contemporaries –

The Mondial had a rough start from the gate, and it only snowballed as the latest armchair journalist rushed to meet their deadline…hmm what would be a good article? Got it! “The slow Ferrari” that should get the readers flipping. “The slow Maserati” title just didn’t have the same panache.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you read about that ‘slow’ Lamborghini Urraco or ‘slow’ Maserati Marek (that had the same US choking equipment?) – They were seconds slower, (yes seconds) then the Mondial 8.

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