Great Question I got…

I got a fantastic question about my recent drive:

“Curious; how do you stay together with cars of such divergent speed/handling potentials, or do you? LOL”

My Reply:

Excellent question. I had this exact thought when I first joined (my club) four years ago. The beauty of owning a car around the 90s era is you can drive it at 10/10ths the majority of the time. Even at this level, extreme caution is warranted since these are public roads (albeit rural lower-populated areas.). The cars I drive with are the exact inverse; they can only run 10/10ths occasionally because anything else would be obscenely dangerous outside the racetrack. That’s how I am not stumbling 10 minutes later at our destination point.

On the track it’s a whole different story, I find myself getting lapped, and I always let everybody pass — which is not only expected but not anything to be ashamed of. On the track, I’m racing against myself – my goal is to beat Clarkson’s (Mondial is a ‘dog’) 1:57 NSX MK II time at Laguna Seca. I am entirely confident I can do it in a much older car, and at least in my mind score another urban myth dead.


Nevermind performance, would I even be accepted into the Ferrari brotherhood? Before I got my car, hearsay says I would be ridiculed at for owning merely a ‘Mondial’ especially in an organization where members own even La Ferrari. From my local club to Ferrari Club of America, the welcome embrace has been complete and unequivocal.

I tell you the writers of these ‘articles’ are speaking out of the wrong hole and maybe projecting their adolescent Fast and Furious ribbings they may have received?

Perhaps if one were 18 and brought ‘only’ a Honda/Integra RS instead of a Supra MK IV TT to their local ‘Hot Import Nights’ gathering, one got ‘heat.’

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