The “Moneytron Mondials”

Some interesting nuggets:

Just using engine management software, they were able to:

The 3.2L Tipo F105C 32 valve flatplane V8 had been tickled up to 340 horsepower from 270.

The Mondial’s performed well on the long straights of Spa, and recorded a 29th (#73) and 36th (74) time in qualifying out of 68 cars. In Division 5 the #73 was only bested by three Porsche’s and a Ford Sierra, taking 5th (edit: I believe 6th) in class. The second car settled for 9th.

1989 24 Hours at Spa
Qualification Time/Race Results




One thought I had was this was in 1989 – the t variant should have been out already…I can’t help but think that would have shaved off a few more seconds then the other models if Ferrari was willing to give that to Mr. Moneytron.

Still hot laps with 6th and 9th out of a field of 37 with a 4 year old car .. not bad… I mean detractors would have you assume it came it last place.

I believe the 944 came out with the uprated engine in 1989 (not sure if they used that one though) I assume so since the use the MY 1989 911 (964) 3.6 cc engine…that 5th place M3 though – nothing but respect from me.

MY 1989 should be raced with MY 1989…just my $0.02..

As for Ford – always respect from me..especially the RS Cosworth….

Race Results:
One Mondial blasted a tire and DNF
The second one had a faulty breaks/tire – did eventually finish, but not before Keke had some fun (in the middle of the race) with some Ladies of the night…..haha.

This story is hilarious…

In 1989, at the Spa 24 hours, we had problems with the light alloy wheels on our by the Dubois Bros poorly Ferrari Mondials. Becoming hot by the brakes the rims became oval, snatching off time after time the inner brakes. Shortly after midnight we were out of spare wheels, and the team chef [sic] told Keke that it could take four to six hours to repair his car. So what did Keke [do]? He asked me where he could find in Liège the red light district, coming back at seven in the morning to do his next stint, just as if nothing had happened. Oh no, Keke was absolutely not an endurance racer.


2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg ain’t having it…




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