Should I get something else?

So my title came in. With that comes thoughts and retrospection. I now fully understand how folks can go from Ferrari to Ferrari so frequently.

Every time I had this experience (a title come in for a car loan) – the car it was applicable too would be worth about 1/2 what I paid for it. The Mondial was the first car that I owned that was stable in valuation while I owned and drove her. (I bought it for 27K) I put about 10K total into her (another 3K in ‘consumables’ like tires (8 tires now), oil changes, filters, bulbs, details, etc.) so I’m about 40K in. I think I can sell her with for 39K pretty quickly. For argument’s sake, I don’t think anybody would argue I couldn’t sell a fully sorted t at 35K. That’s a small down payment for another Ferrari.

So one naturally thinks and looks should I ‘upgrade’? So with this mindset let’s take a look.

First of all, I still have three core requirements:

It fits 4 (I am not offended if anybody pooh-poohs, my family is the most important thing on this earth, being able to share my joy with them is a must)
Manual Transmission

Of course, Even if I could afford it, nothing in the current lineup accommodates these three requirements, so one must look back.

California’s would meet this, but alas with only of 1 or 2 in existence – I can’t swing the 1/2 a million you need to get one. Plus it doesn’t have a mid-engine which just is splendid dynamically regarding aural sonics, love to hear and feel of the engine behind me.

Sure plenty of other cars in other marques, but the Ferrari S.P.A has treated me well, and have more then earned my loyalty.  As a Formula 1 fan too, I can’t seem my self root for another team either.

I’m left again re-appreciating my first and one true automotive love. Truly unique in the automotive world.

2 Comments on “Should I get something else?

  1. Its easy to fall into the trap of wanting to experience the different Ferrari’s and the unique experiences they each offer. BUT – a properly sorted Mondial T is a compelling proposition – in terms of value for money, practicality, and most importantly to me – driving experience. Every time I drive my car it reminds me why I bought it (and I have driven and owned 360/355/348/328/308) – it is genuinely a great car to drive! Great handling, great steering, strong brakes, and such a sweet engine. I always get thumbs up and waves from kids and adults alike too – not something you get in a 360! If I want to drive hundreds of miles, I take my M3. But if I want to feel special the Mondial does it.

    • PEJ – you’ve hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for your comment here – I couldn’t agree with you more.


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