Month: June 2016

Another nice video Mondial T cab.

It’s in Italian… (translated from Italian) For some brands, a product is not planned as a basic model or “entry level,” as the English say, but sometimes it happens to be identified as such by fans, and that is what has happened for Ferrari… Continue Reading “Another nice video Mondial T cab.”

The Ferrari left a trail of destruction…

ouch… Happened earlier this month…hope it’s not anybody here.. Apparently just got the car 3 days ago….glad nobody was hurt! That’s one less title clean Mondial… Translated From German

Michael J Fox in his 3.2 back in 1987

Some old auto show photos

Thanks in advance for folks from Fchat that provided these…

Mondial t’s ‘true’ weight?

Was passing by my local quarry and I knew they had a scale…for fun I went on it. I was curious how accurate the driver’s manual was The weight on the scale said 3620 pounds (with me in it) I weigh 180 and it… Continue Reading “Mondial t’s ‘true’ weight?”

Endless Manual vs Auto Debate..

A popular criticism of New Ferrari is they don’t offer stick.  That manual is ‘better’. Well what else is subjectively  better? Tube amps or solid state? kindle or paper book? Apple watch or a Patek Phillip? the comparisons are legion. To each their own….like… Continue Reading “Endless Manual vs Auto Debate..”

Mustang Fan Chimes in…

The Mondial (all models) are ‘slow’ circa 2017.  Let’s get that out of the way. A Mustang fan however levied some special criticism, and said what’s the point of getting a ‘flashy’ Ferrari from the 80’s if it can’t beat Mustangs from the same… Continue Reading “Mustang Fan Chimes in…”

Is This Mondial Your Affordable Entry Into Ferrari Ownership?