Mustang Fan Chimes in…

The Mondial (all models) are ‘slow’ circa 2017.  Let’s get that out of the way.

A Mustang fan however levied some special criticism, and said what’s the point of getting a ‘flashy’ Ferrari from the 80’s if it can’t beat Mustangs from the same era?

My Response:
You mean a 2016 Mustang GT will be faster then a Ferrari 250 GTO? So the Ferrari 250 is slow then? What good is a Ferrari 250 if it can’t beat a pony?

Of course modern cars will smoke cars from 30 years ago.  One has to compare stats of cars when they came out to other comparable cars, not to cars 30-35 years newer.

I have stats tabulated from all 4 models and compared to other high end sports cars of each epoch. Each stat with fully documented source of road test.

Are all these magazines conspiring to inflate the Mondial’s performance?

What’s funny was before I bought ALL the magazines that ever tested the Mondial’s, I had assumed it was a poor performer. It wasn’t until I personally went back myself and actually read the reviews, that had that “hey wait a minute” moment.

I had read too many negative derivative articles before experiencing the Mondial first hand, all sourced from the same 2 bad reviews on the Mondial 8. It basically just snowballed from there.

No regular production Mustang was faster then the Mondial in the 80s.
In case anybody thinks I’m just “cherry picking”: all sources/reviews from one source: Car & Driver (when available*)

*exception of Mondial t Coupe, C&D, MotorTred only examined the Cabriolet, so used R&T/as for qv – only coupe test available is from Motor Magazine, trust me – I’ve made it a mission to collect *EVERY* magazine test of the Mondial) –

**Also always picked the ‘highest’ performing Mustang model each model year/era.

1980 Cobra** vs 1980 Mondial 8

1980 Mustang Cobra
0-60 10.8
1/4 Mile 18.2

Source: Car & Driver
1980 Ford Mustang Cobra ? Review ? Car and Driver

1980 Ferrari Mondial
0-60 9.3
1/4 Mile 16.9

Source: Car & Driver

1982′ GT** vs. 1982 qv

1982 Mustang GT

0-60 8.1
1/4 Mile 16.2
Source: Car and Driver (1/85)…s-aug-1982.pdf

1982 Ferrari Mondial qv Coupe

0-60 6.4
1/4 Mile 14.5

Source: Motor

1986′ SVO** vs. 1986′ 3.2

1986 Mustang SVO

0-60 6.8
1/4 Mile 15.1
Source: Car and Driver…rd-mustang.pdf

1986 Mondial 3.2
0-60 6.3
1/4 Mile 14.6
Source: Car and Driver

1989′ t vs. 1993′ SVT Cobra**

1993 Mustang Cobra SVT (4 model years newer btw…still slower by 1/4 mile…) – really should have used the 89 Mustang Model since it wasn’t until the ‘final 93’ version that they introduced the SVT Cobra – but I’ll throw them a bone.
0-60 5.6
1/4 Mile 14.7

Source: Car and Driver…maro-z28-1.pdf

1989 Mondial t
0-60 5.9
1/4 Mile 14.2

Source: Road and Track

In every model comparison, the Mondial is faster.

Here is a video of a Mondial t doing the 1/4 in 14.2 at a drag strip. (nothing to brag about circa 2017) – but for a car that started production in 1988? Almost THIRTY years ago? Context my friend…context.

Same poster posted a personal best of 13.81 if he is to be believed.

It’s easy to say my 2017 Corvette will smoke a 1995 F355….hence the F355 is slow….just nothing I would ever say.

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