Mondial t’s ‘true’ weight?

Was passing by my local quarry and I knew they had a scale…for fun I went on it. I was curious how accurate the driver’s manual was

The weight on the scale said 3620 pounds (with me in it)

I weigh 180 and it just had a full tank of gas.

Assuming 1 gallon of gas weighs 6 pounds = 120 Pounds
11 litters of motor oil + 4 liters of gear box oil is about 4 gallons and oil is about 7 pounds a gallon = 28 pounds
26 liters for window washer fluid, coolant, steering fluid, brake fluid = 6.6 gallons x 8.3 lbs per gallon for water = ~55 Pounds

1991 Ferrari Manual says dry weight is 1536 Kg = 3385 pounds

so 3620 – me – all fluids = 3237 Pounds

so a gap of about 148 pounds (exactly the weight of 22 gallons of gas and 11 litters of motor oil)… I believe Dry Weight counts these in it’s figures…so go figure!?!

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