Endless Manual vs Auto Debate..

A popular criticism of New Ferrari is they don’t offer stick.  That manual is ‘better’.

Well what else is subjectively  better?

Tube amps or solid state?
kindle or paper book?
Apple watch or a Patek Phillip?

the comparisons are legion.
To each their own….like what you like…buy what you want. High end exotic manufacturers still are in the *business* of making money, like it’s been pointed out many times, the overwhelming majority of ‘new’ exotic buyers are not demanding manual.

That’s it.

I don’t care if you, or your friend, or you mom will buy a Ferrari 488 in stick right now…yada yada…of course there is a minority that will buy it – but not sizable enough for exotic manufacturers to invest in it nor pour the time and effort involved if certain thresholds of potential profit from serving that niche audience is not met.

That’s just the reality today..endless complaints about it only matter if *those* complaints are being made by a sizable majority that actually *buy* the product…and are still ignored.

I love stick, but I am aware that most people buying Ferrari/Lambo/McLaren new today don’t care or *actually* want auto…

Last F430 had around a 10% take rate no? (i’ve seen different numbers thrown around) I bet today if offered the 488 would probably have a 5% take rate, just doesn’t make financial sense anymore for the company with relatively limited number productions.

Sad, but them the facts.

The often repeated rebuttal is how about Porsche? They ‘still care’ and offer manuals…

What about them?

They made more cars in just ONE year (234K in 2015) then Ferrari made since its inception (184K 1947-2015)

They make over 30K 911 units per YEAR…

Their economies of scale are on a different level…and for better or worse, that’s what makes Ferrari so special on and off the road…

Maybe this will all change with sweater man….

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