Another nice video Mondial T cab.

It’s in Italian…

(translated from Italian)

For some brands, a product is not planned as a basic model or “entry level,” as the English say, but sometimes it happens to be identified as such by fans, and that is what has happened for Ferrari Mondial.

Indeed there was a slump in prices for Mondial in the used market, and it became accessible to virtually everyone, at least as the purchase price.

But the top model has not suffered too much of this phenomenon; the 3.4T Convertible retains the high price, and now that prices are up again, even other Mondials are climbing back to having a price to other Ferrari.

Opinions differ, but the notion that this is the ‘poor man’s’ Ferrari that is accessible to everyone will disappear; since purchase price is just one consideration, all Ferrari have operating costs that must be factored in for keeping it moving and in excellent mechanical conditions.

But don’t be fooled by the ‘entry’ level perception. The t still has 300 horses, left the Ferrari factory, other models with the exact same drivetrain as 308 and 328, and there is no debate on the value of those cars, and when you say you a Ferrari, everybody should understand what that means in the world.

The red and white color scheme can give even more visual value, perhaps one cannot wish for a better combination, but the thing that bothers me was the engine sound, a bit ‘away from the Ferrari standard at least original equipment systems. (Paul: A tubi will fix that)

Eventually, people will not see the Mondial as the Ferrari of the poor because there is no such thing as a Ferrari for the poor. Try putting 10 euro gasoline as you do in regular cars, and you’ll know, also you will not be exempt from tax audits because the horse is still on the hood something that attracts the gaze of passersby and tax collector.

Ferrari is an Italian heritage, It is good Enzo has decided to build cars after crying on a bench in Turin, without a penny in his pocket and with no rosy prospects, and that’s what we should be thinking of all the Ferrari, even those who are the subject of debate as the Mondial.

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