348 vs the Mondial t acceleration figures..

Somebody claimed the Mondial t was “faster” then the 348 and was challenged on Fchat.

My Response:

The 348 and t coupe were very evenly matched. Some would say that’s a testament to how ‘slow’ the 348 was. I think the 348 is awesome, I prefer to think of it as how ‘good’ the t is.

Never take my word for it though.

Ferrari 348 Road Tests from all 3 major US publications (Road and Track, Car and Driver, MotorTrend)

0-60 = 6.0 Seconds
1/4 Mile = 14.5 Seconds
June 1990 Car And Driver Road Test 1

0-60 = 6.0 Seconds
1/4 Mile = 14.5 Seconds
September 1991 Car And Driver Road Test 2

0-60 = 6.0 Seconds
1/4 Mile = 14.3 Seconds
September 1990 Road And Track Road Test

0-60 = 5.6 Seconds
1/4 Mile = 14.6 Seconds
MotorTrend 1990

So let’s take MotorTrend’s Best 0-60 of 5.6 and road and track’s best of 14.3

compare that to this:
Mondial t coupe (US magazines tested cab version)
0-60 = 5.6 Seconds
1/4 Mile = 14.2 Seconds

I present, you decide if the t is faster then the 348. I believe at the very least one can say the Mondial t coupe *is* capable of beating the Ferrari 348 in the 1/4. Weather, driver skill, car condition, elevation, yada yada..can all affect final outcome.

For fun – let’s throw in cabs in the mix (which is unfair of course) coupes should be compared to coupes – not convertibles which are heavier.

Car and Driver 1/4 Mile 14.6 (cab)

Road and Track 1/4 Mile 14.2 (cab) <=

For some reason MotorTrend never published a road test of the Mondial t cab.

Again, doesn’t disprove the claim either.

To be 100% intellectually honest. The 348 is lighter (~70 lbs) and has a higher top speed and lower drag coefficient. So given a long enough straight away, it will pull away. In a 1/4 mile a t (especially coupe form) will give 348 a run for it’s money.

Also later versions had updated Tipo F119 that added an extra 20 ponies – that car should definitively be faster…

Again, both cars I adore – it’s like picking a favorite child.

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