Setting the Mondial 8 Record Straight

I’ve been doing some research on the Mondial 8 because I have been fascinated at how such a great car could have become so maligned.

The more I read about the car, the more I find out it’s all largely myth….

Looking at the 8…one must judge the car by the epoch/era it was built. An uneducated fool would look idiotic if they were to say that the iconic Ferrari 308 is ‘slow’ because a modern day Honda Accord V6 can edge them out at a stoplight.

Taking a 0-60 308 stat of 7.6 seconds & 1/4 mile of 15.6
Source: Car and Driver…orsche-911.pdf

Latest Accord V6 Test 0-60 5.6 & 1/4 mile of 14.1
Source: Car and Driver
2013 Honda Accord Sedan V-6 Test ? Review ? Car and Driver

The 308 was plenty fast for it’s time as the review above illustrated, being compared to the other “supercars” of the time. Nevermind that many do not understand the visceral aspects of Ferrari and all the goodness it entails.

So why the hate for the 8? (that rhymes by the way)

I think I stumbled upon the answer…. cost. It was 20% MORE expensive the venerable 308. The Mondial 8 cost 68,000 + tax when sold new. That’s 197,000 + Tax in 2015 dollars to give you perspective. That’s a lot of coin, $38,000 more than the legendary 308.

Base Price 1980 Mondial = 68,000 = 197,000 + Tax (2015 dollars)
Base Price 1980 308 = 55,000 = 159,000 + Tax (2015 Dollars)

Can you imagine if the California T costing 20% *more* than the 488?

Let me give you more analogies that I think cracks the case.

Mercedes E class coupe costing 20% more than Mercedes GT
BMW 6 series costing 20% more i8
Porsche Panamera costing 20% more than 911

People understandably are expecting God’s Fist itself under the hood with that kind of coin, especially when it’s 20% more $$$ than the amazing 308.

Price aside, let’s compare this fair and square to the offerings of the time (see chart below)

I don’t see a slow car at all.

Was the media fair to the Mondial 8? My answer is a resounding no. If you hate it because you think it is overpriced when new, I do not argue. If you hate it because of looks, I again put up no protest and respect your opinion (though please see picture below.) If you hate it because it is ‘unreliable’ – I ask you, sir, is it more unreliable then a Maserati Merak? A Lamborghini Urraco? A 308? You are buying one of 700 largely hand built cars that as gone through 7 US presidents, please don’t expect Toyota Corolla (and that’s a good thing)

If sir, however, say it was ‘slow’* … I say to what at the time 1980? A Saturn Rocket?

*If you had said a 911 – I would say – touche.’


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