So while I was doing some spirited driving, my Check 5-8 engine light would turn on and off.

When I got home I pulled the code and got the 1211 & 1212

For those that are not aware, these are O2 sensor codes….basically saying the air/fuel mixture is in a funk.

Reading through threads I found out this could relate to many things, but the easiest thing to do first is clean the MAF sensor.
Also verify the ‘resistance’ is correct (factory setting is 383 ohmz) – that’s easy to do as well – with the engine off you put a meter on the 1 & 6 pin of the MAF. There is a switch that lets you adjust the resistance rating….but you do have to pry this stupid factory installed blue plug that prevents idiots like me from messing with it. (takes all of 5 min)

So I bought some MAF cleaner $5, got a new filter $50 while I’m at it, and bought 2 Bosch O2 sensors ($50 each on sale).

The first step is replace the air filter (mine was pretty dingy)…verify resistance setting then clean out and SWAP the MAF.

Drive again….if the 5/8 Light comes on, you know it’s not the Filter or the MAF….so then you replace the O2 sensor (which is relatively easy)

If the 1-4 Light comes on, you know it’s the MAF….

If after doing all these steps the 5/8 light still comes on, then it’s something else….

So I replaced the air filter with a brand new K&N (didn’t re-oil), cleaned the MAF and swapped it to the other side.
After a few day of driving, everything was good….but after some time…the 1/4 light comes on now.

Went and bought an old MAF from a 348 for $350.  Replaced it and drove about 100 miles Рseems to have done the trick!

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