Quick Easy Replacement for Hood Foam

IMG_0699 IMG_0698 IMG_0695 IMG_0687

Just wanted to give praise to Bob’s foam factory and the super service I got from Bob and his son.

As you know the foam on the hood will turn into dust after a few years. I found out about a custom foam supplier and called them up. They said the can easily make me a custom piece of foam that is rated for high temperatures.

I visited the foam factory at

Bob’s Foam Factory, Inc.
4055 Pestana Pl
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 657-2420

They were all super nice folks. Showed them my hood and the specs and 10 minutes later – I had my own high quality custom cut piece of foam to replace the old one for only $17!

Can’t recommend it enough. If you are looking to replace it – they already have the dimensions from my car so you can easily get one and get it shipped anywhere in the world.

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