Top 9 Mondial Myths and Top 9 Mondial Facts

Top 9 Mondial Myths

  • Was Ferrari’s entry level car

Was more expensive than the 308/328 which were actually the real ‘entry level’ cars in the lineup

  • Slow

This is the fault of 2 of the 3 major US publications that had poor lukewarm performance results for the Mondial 8 35 years ago. 1 of the 3 of the publication had great results … all subsequent articles on the qv, 3.2 and t had great performance stats on par with the competition.

  • Unsuccessful model

One of the most successful models in Ferrari history, selling over 6,000 examples

  • Unusable rear seats

No more inadequate then most 2+2 of the time.  It will not be comfortable – but very functional if the folks riding are not very tall

  • Maintenance Nightmare

Only cars that have been neglected, they are mechanically similar to the 308/328/348 – a properly maintained one is quite reliable

  • Not a ‘real’ Ferrari

Every bit of a Ferrari with the same exact engine as the 308/328/348, and was designed by Pininfarina

  • Handles Poorly

Many formal articles often praised is handling and there are many mentions that it handled better than the 308/328

  • Universally panned ascetically

Pictures simply don’t seem to do justice to these cars.  I’ve received overwhelmingly positive comments on and off the street.

  • They are ‘cheap’

Latest auction prices for pristine examples have come in near or over $100,000

Top 9 Mondial Facts

  • Only mid-engine, 4 seat convertible in the world
  • Side strakes are ‘real and functional’ not decorative
  • Was a PPG Pace car for Indy
  • Direct successor to the 308 GT4
  • Many Ferrari “Firsts” (Adjustable Shocks, Valeo, ABS, Power Steering)
  • Gives you full access to full access Ferrari owner perks, such as Track Events, owners only tours of the museum, clubs and associations
  • Can be maintained by owners reasonably well (8, qv, 3.2)
  • Has been consistently updated throughout its 14 year lifecycle – with 4 very different car models
  • Many famous previous owners like Michael J Fox , Rod Steward, and Ice-T.

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