Post from “Club Cara” (translated from French)

Photos of the Day: Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet

Eddy Clio

by Eddy Clio , Lionel Lucas On April 24, 2010 at 14:16

Photos-of-day Ferrari Mondial T-Cabriolet-55343.jpg
Is there a Ferrari that is unappreciated? Yes!
Is this justified? Not in all cases … Take the example of the Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet.
She never really conquered the heart of purists for the Prancing Horse brand.  But later developments of this model will make it more muscular … The cabriolet version, released at the end of the cycle, is ultimately a very interesting car.
Controlled suspension with a proper gated gearbox, multivalve V8 3.4 that put out 300 horsepower at 7,200 revolutions, this is no longer just a grand tourer!
The performance are first rate, the price is affordable  (40 000 euros), and the convertible makes it desirable … maybe more than the coupe.
In contrast, maintenance is that of a Ferrari in this generation, it lacks a bit of stiffness … but what fun it must be to take advantage of sounds of the Ferrari V8 while having your hair blow in the wind….

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