1989 Mondial t 4WD Factory Prototype

Hat Tip “Wade” from Ferrarichat

“While looking through the All Ferraris website I noticed this page about a 4WD prototype. A preliminary search here (FerrariChat) and elsewhere revels nothing. However, my guess is that the car was more of a test mule (drive-train testing) in lieu of a production prototype.

In my 20+ years of following the Mondial I don’t ever recall hearing about this car before. Does anyone else have any information? It would be nice to document this car and include it as part of the Mondial’s history.

Primary Details:

* Mondial t engine (3.4L)
* Mondial 3.2 body
* Enlarged wheel-well flares
* Just one built, in 1989
* At 2650mm, the wheelbase is 100mm longer than the 408 (4WD) that preceded it.

By the way, in the one photo it looks like 3 tires are “burning rubber”.

Mondial T 4WD 2 f Mondial T 4WD 2 br

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