Update…So I went ahead and took the plunge – I’ve been getting intermittent electrical gremlins that I concluded no amount of sleuthing was going to fix.

The core problem was previous owner(s) installed a myriad of electrical add-ons that were installed by, how shall we say, (less then qualified) installers – this resulted in a rat’s nest of bad connectors, spliced nastiness, and general foolishness. Roberto, at Roselli in San Jose took out an obsolete alarm, radar detectors, and some radar diffusers. Wired a brand new harness from the fuse box (upgraded by SRI) and routed it throughout the car.
We’ve also knew about a cracked exhaust pipe – getting that fixed as well – it was resulting in some leaking gas that created at “ticking” sound – figured might as well replace it now. You can see the brand new upgraded alternator in there with the exhaust manifold removed.
IMG_0005 IMG_0006
Here are some pictures of my crazy endeavor – hope to finish pretty soon.

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