Mondial Restoration Status

I’ve been doing some work on the Car – Here is where I stand at the moment.

Things I’ve Fixed AND Need to be replaced


  • Fixed scratches in front under spoiler
  • Fixed Driver Side Air intake “Teeth”
  • Repainted Front Bumper
  • Put Brand New Mondial t badge (purchased – need to install)
  • Replaced side Rubber Moldings
  • Replaced Tires
  • Refurbish Rims
  • Replace License Plate Lights
  • Remove Old Rear Radar Diffuser


  • Recondition the Seats
  • Install 3 point rear seatbelts
  • Replace Fixed all switches
  • Replaced Headline Stalk
  • Replaced Tachometer Gauge
  • Replace Hood Latch Motor
  • Replace Fuse Box
  • Replace all electrical wires
  • Put Brand New Radio
  • Put New Antenna/Motor
  • Replaced Center Vent (With Ron Frolock upgrade)
  • Got New Gear Shift Knob
  • New Carpet
  • Upgraded Roof Latches
  • Brand New Roof


  • 30K Service
  • Replaced Power Steering Hose
  • Replace Oil Hose
  • Replace Transmission Oil
  • Replace Water Pump
  • Replace Alternator
  • Replace Battery
  • Replace Cracked Exhaust Manifold
  • Install Nouvalari Exhaust

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