Buyer’s Guide Ferrari Mondial QV (translated from German Magazine Motor Klassik)

Buyer’s Guide Ferrari Mondial QV – Translated from German

Ferrari SALE

The Ferrari Mondial has a low susceptibility to corrosion and a relatively robust frame – if the car was handled with care and regular maintenance. When it comes to maintenance beware that parts and maintenance  are often very expensive.


The factory dinol seal the body makes the Mondial very resistant to rust. One of the few weak spots is the bottom of the A-pillar, where fender and door meet, it can sometimes form of corrosion.  This is due to the binding foam can attract standing sheet moisture” Rust damage to the frame tube are incidentally very rare, you should also most pay attention to accident damage.  -Jochen Frick of the sports car specialists


Another problem is hard to find rear window which moves at the edges of air and moisture. Anyone interested in a convertible, the roof should look closely at. In not quite tighten the straps when opening canopy tends to wedge, and the rod bends. Once in a while the windows in the rear side windows are defective in the convertible. Then you must switch to an expensive conversion kit, which also includes a modified disc.


Make sure to inspect the top-locking handles. Check the Electrical electric motors to open the headlight and inspect the fuse box. Occasionally, the overheated relay of the fuel pump can melt. Since there is no new fuse box, an electrician must work on it.

The V-eight-cylinder has no serious weaknesses and achieved mileages of well over 100,000 kilometers to the first major revision. This requires a proper maintenance. This includes all of the 35,000 to 40,000 Kilometer respectively every two years overdue timing belt replacement, which costs from € 1,400. Caution: Cheap deals for this service usually do not include a necessary check on the periphery such as the water pump.


The Mondial oftens suffers from poor service and attention from previous owners.. Use of poor quality parts and jury-rigged repairs is common. Check the exhaust system, and inspect the condition of the steel manifold, the exhaust itself is made of stainless steel.


When transmission is warm, pay attention to noises when downshifting from fifth to fourth and from third to second gear. Scratching noises during high speed point to worn synchro rings. Other possible defects are a leaking shift shaft, worn suspension bushings and damage to the brakes.

Ferrari Mondial in good condition are rarely sold. Because of the relatively low price, they often come into the hands of financially weak owners who then save the service. Who gets such a poorly maintained vehicle, may have to invest the purchase price once more in repairs. Moderate Mondial note from around 13,000 euros, a running order, useful QV are available from 17,000 euros, good copies cost about 36,000 euros.

Price history
With introduction in 1982 (Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole) 95,800 Mark At the end of production in 1985 (Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole) 106,700 Mark
Replacement of technology-wearing parts for the Ferrari Mondial no problems usually. It becomes more difficult when it comes to body components, wheels or parts of the Bosch K-Jetronic. “A major problem with the calculation of a repair, the daily prices for some parts are,” says Jochen Frick. For any provider will still find the part you’re looking for, but that can now cost 500 euros and a week later it is not going to get below 800 euros. Not always available and very expensive are also mounted on the Mondial TRX tires. A set is about 1,500 euros.


Check for accident damage to tubular frame
Fuse Box
Headlight Motors
Convertible Top
Exhaust Manifold
Gear synchronizer rings
Neglected maintenance

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