Month: April 2014

Mondial Buyer’s Guide

Ferrari Mondial Buyer’s Guide – Ferrari Owners Club Florida Region

Ferrari Buying Guide- The Affordable Ferraris

This is from the eBay Buying Guide:  Lots of people dream of owning a Ferrari and for good reason.  Mr. Ferrari was committed to building one less car than there was demand for- this has resulted in a succession of very successful models.  In…

Leaking Water Pump!

So Fernando over at Roselli gave me a call – leaking water pump $2500 (Have to take out the fuel tank) – Ouch!!  Look like I’m out of luck – hopefully the car gets back in business soon! This definitely gives credence to the…

Cool Ferrari Mondial Profile

Cool Ferrari Mondial Profile Great profile of the Mondial – plus a bunch of other Ferrari cars too!

Funny Post from Jalopnik

No, You Can’t Offroad Your Ferrari Mondial! Before the all-wheel drive FF, Ferrari didn’t have a car that could really tackle slightly less smoothly paved roads.P However, one California Ferrari owner seems to think that a 1980s Mondial is the perfect car to take off the…