Ferrari “tax”

Leave it to Ferrari to charge $100 for a stupid part that should cost at most $5.00 – I had to buy the “ring nut 28mm” tool to remove the steering wheel. I tried to make one myself taking a first 20mm socket (then 1 inch socket) and had a 3 bears dilemma(one was too big, one was too small) – I finally got one that was around 23 mm that almost fix, but it started stripping the ring nut itself (not good)
Two things I learned

1) I am a horrible machinist with my Dremal, and I need more experience
2) I know firsthand the frustration these cars cause – felt exactly the same way I did when I was in bad relationships. The often used cliché’/analogy of dating a high maintenance girl is very apt and doesn’t get old.

I had a bought a new stalk from eBay for $250 that seem to fix my problem with the side marker lights staying on – my headlights are now stuck in the permanently open position. One of the relays in the fuse box makes a ringing sound whenever I put the new stalk in the off position. So either bad relays, or bad fuse box (I’ll check replace relay first, then open up fuse box to identify bad soldering points if that doesn’t work)

Hopefully I have time this weekend to remove the Alternator for rebuild.

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