Steps to remove tachometer

1) Using a flathead screwdriver, remove black plastic panel face (snaps off)
2) There will be four screws holding the tach into the windshield, remove those. Be careful not to remove the 4 screws that connect the silver face plate holding the tach into the casing: you want to remove the 4 screws on top of the white plastic.
3) The tach will come right out after you remove the screws.
4) VERY IMPORTANT: once the tach is out label each of the wires and terminals with some colored tape or other marker. All the connections/connectors like similar so you’ll want to make sure you know how to connect back.
5) There are 5 bulbs, 3 terminals, and two clip connectors.
6) use a tiny flathead screwdriver to carefully pry the bulbs out of their sockets
7). Use a needle nose pliers to remove nuts/washer from the 3 terminals.
8) the two clip connectors come right off
9) the lighting stalk knob comes right off.

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