Complete Tear Out!

Last weekend, I pulled out the tools and decided to tackle as much of the issues I’ve been dealing with once and for all.

So I removed the two screws from the shifter/tray and pulled out the whole center console. I also removed the dashboard and removed the Tachometer. Wanted to give a report and hopefully help people that might have the same problem.

1) Antenna doesn’t work
So I opened the panel (really easy just two screws) on the rear trunk area and exposed the motorized antenna – I ordered a replacement from Amazon ($45) hopefully that fixes that
2) Lap belts won’t retract
I played around by tugging and retracting manually, it works but is super slow – It looks like in order to get to the actual spring, you have to get in the chair – I think for now I’ll be happy with ultra-slow retraction.

3) Took out the tach, cleaned it, played with the adjustor, still acts erratically. Thankfully I just live 10 minutes away from Palo Alto Speedometer so I dropped it off for testing/repair – if they find something wrong they quote $260 for the fix

4) While opening the center console I noticed that the top middle switch is a “Dummy” switch, yet there is an actual cable connected to it – that’s really strange…anybody have ideas?

5) The Fog Lamp switch is stuck in one position – ordered a new one from Ricambi America $35

6) Fixed the gas door switch (was just loose/dirty connection behind the switch

7) The Hood button still does not work – ordered a new one from Ricambi America $55


8) In the process of using automotive goop to reinstall/align/fix all the carpeting/panels the previous owner(s) messed up

9) The little connectors for one of my windshield wipers (that connects to the water terminal) got cut – ordered from Ricambi America ($4)

10) My oil cap is missing a gasket, and people mentioned replacements are really cheap – just need to find one that fits.

11) Removed a bunch of Radar Diffuser/Radar detector equipment that is useless in my state – will list on eBay!

12) I have to order some foam that goes above the radiator – I believe you can get these a lot of different places for cheap

13) I opened up the back of the gas gauge, it seems really hard to take out – I’m just going to try and clean the back and pray – I’m been reading that it’s a big pain in the butt trying to fix it – most people just do the “reset” the odometer at every fill up

14) Bought a Pioneer solid state radio (I don’t own any CDs anymore) so just using Bluetooth with my iPhone makes a lot more sense now – in the process of install
15) I have to track some exhaust leak somewhere – should I use the plug the exhausts with sock method?

16) I’m pretty sure my strange headline/side marker problem (they open close spontaneously, side markers stay on all the time) – has to do with a broken stalk – when I have time I have to open up the steering column and play with the stalk – in the meantime I just take out the relay to keep the side markers from being on all the time.

17) Add some touch up/cleanup Leatherique that the previous owner was sloppy with

18) Add 3 point seat belts in the back

19) One ‘blade’ in the center console vent is missing – try to fix

20) Rubber side moldings are frayed/broken – need to find replacements (common Mondial defect)

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