Fixed and To-Do List

To Do List…
1) Antenna doesn’t work
2) Lap belts won’t retract
3) Exhaust leak somewhere….
4) Headlights will open/close spontaneously
5) Tach is slow
6) Side Marker lights won’t work / Instrument Cluster does not light up
7) Fog Lights won’t work
8) Gas Gauge is wonky
9) Re-do interior carpeting
10) Re-do leather restoration project
11) Gas door switch does not work
12) Hood door switch
13) Remove K1 Crap
14) Replace Radio / Check speakers
15) Check compression/valve timing
16) Replace hood foam
17) Add 3 point seat belt back
18) Center fan chipped
19) Replace side rubbers molding
20) get new rear badge
21) get oil cap gasket
22) wiper tube flange needs replacement

1) Hood Latch
2) Broken Driver side vent
3) Replace the shifter
4) Missing screws in the interior
5) Smog Check
6) New Tires
7) Get new oil cap
8) Order new fuse box (hopefully that fixes sub problems)
a) headlight is stuck in open position
b) strange hi pitched ringing in fuse box after I shut off the car
9) Clean engine bay/confirm no oil leaking from valve cover
10) Replaced Transmission fluid
11) Replace water pipe
12) New Battery
13) Fixed short in pan
14) Replaced engine relay/fuses for fuel pump

3 Comments on “Fixed and To-Do List

  1. I replaced my hood foam this morning – bought from Ricambi for $90 – a lot of $$ for a bit of foam, but an original/ genuine Ferrari part and when you just have to get it right…

    Did you replace or fix your hood latch? They are made of crappy metal and suffer stress cracks – I got a local enginering shop to machine me a couple of replacements in stainless – should last longer than the car!

    My car is ’91 T Cab, in UK, chassis 88879

    • Hello Simon,

      Much thanks for your comment – yes $90 is quite a bit I agree wholeheartedly! Sadly, that is the cost of exotics…I just had some adjustments made to the hood latch (just needed some alignment and it got sorted out!) I think I’m going to get some automotive foam from a local place here, I hear it is very comparable!

      Cheers and appreciate your comment Simon, I wish you the best!

    • Hi Simon! Sorry for the long delay in response!! I did fix the hood latch! The problem I have now is the motor that retracts the cable is broken. I bought this replacement part that I’m trying to get installed when I have time…in the meantime – just going under the steering wheel and doing it the old fashioned way!….

      Thanks for reading Simon – best wishes to you from accross the pond.

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