Month: January 2014

My Name Is Mud

My name is mud, and you know what mud spelled backwards is…. On a nice drive into San Francisco – I was really enjoying the car – weather was great, car purring like a kitten, and running well.   The fact that I can… Continue Reading “My Name Is Mud”

New Tires and Fuel Pump Short!

Got the Advan Neova AD08 R Installed – couldn’t be happier – very sticky and makes the car feel much more planted….one the way to getting it installed – some road debris put a dent in my bottom pan – this caused contact to… Continue Reading “New Tires and Fuel Pump Short!”

Fusebox is back

Got the fuse box back on Friday – took the tools out and started installing. It was a lot harder then I expected. Just a couple things to note. You’ll have to have access to the battery, and as I didn’t have a jack… Continue Reading “Fusebox is back”

Forbes Article from 10 years ago 7/2/2001

With rumors persisting that Ferrari is thinking of building a four-door (say it ain’t so!) sedan, it’s worth looking back at what is today the most affordable Ferrari ever–the Mondial. It depends on who you talk to, but a lot of Ferraristas (self-described Ferrari nuts,… Continue Reading “Forbes Article from 10 years ago 7/2/2001”

Hemmings Daily – Lost Cars of the 1980s

Here is an interesting article I found… ** Lost Cars of the 1980s – Ferrari Mondial Kurt Ernst Dec 9th, 2013  Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet. Photo by Flickr user L2F1. As the 1970s gave way to the 1980s, Ferrari needed a four-seat replacement for its aging and… Continue Reading “Hemmings Daily – Lost Cars of the 1980s”

Joined Ferrari Owners Group in the Bay Area

Looking forward to network with other Bay Area Ferrari owners – they have a drive scheduled this Saturday (unfortunately I can’t make it) Hopefully there will be one soon I can attend!

A true hobby.

I jokingly say to own a Ferrari (especially an old/vintage one) can be masochistic.  Images of an ancient monk self-flagellating come to mind.  It is true that owning a Ferrari can be time consuming and painful.   While working on the car though, I realized… Continue Reading “A true hobby.”