My Name Is Mud

My name is mud, and you know what mud spelled backwards is….

On a nice drive into San Francisco – I was really enjoying the car – weather was great, car purring like a kitten, and running well.   The fact that I can have my wife and 2 kids in tow is just gravy.

It was everything I wanted and dreamed about owning a Ferrari.  As I stated in the past – yes, many cars “almost” fit the bill for my personal requirements on a “perfect” car in this stage in my life (namely: exotic, 4 seats, convertible – really there are only two cars fits the bill of all my requirements:

911s cabs

911 cabs: IMHO are not exotic (though many would differ) –  fact is they are a dime a dozen in California, I know people will call me out – but I never do a double take with any 911 (save perhaps in full racing regalia)

Ferrari California:  I know many people criticize the big butt, I think it’s a beautiful car!  Only thing about it is I’ve always loved rear engine cars, that and the price of admission is more then I’m comfortable in expending at this point in my life (same with the 911)…if you read on – I think I’ve validated this decision.

I parked my car in the parking lot and when I got back late at night I started the car and all of a sudden it began to move.  I realized I was parked in gear and I desperately began trying to shut it off….unfortunately not before I scrapped the side against a chain-link fence pole (ouch)

I’m blessed/lucky in my 20 years of Los Angeles/Bay Area driving, I’ve never been in an accident and only had one other low speed fender bender (caused by somebody else) – until now -That’s what 7 years of driving an automatic will do to you – you forget how to drive a stick!!

As I mentioned – this did put things in perspective: I didn’t have major depression after this happened – in the end – the car is 23 years old with some minor dings/dents here and there – I don’t have to don the white gloves and pamper the hell out of it…now if I was driving a relatively new California and this happened – you bet your stars I would be royally kicking myself in the rear.  I was literally able to shrug it off, since it was just a simple repair job and the car is not a concourse queen.

The fact that I can *drive* it without many of the downsides of driving a $200-$300K  car is HUGE.  There is simply a lot of opportunity cost when you drive a F458 around.

I’ve committed the following additional sins

1)      Banged up the car on dips in the road

2)      Left it out in the street one day in sub 30 degree temperatures

3)      Washed the car using non-professional cleaners/equipment

4)     Grinded the gears (especially in 2nd)

I’ve always loved exotic cars – (Of course Ferrari the most of all) – but I would be in much worse shape every time I had ding, bang, dent, (no matter how minor) with any of the above events in a more expensive car.  This is a car I can *use* and enjoy the hell out of it without having a heart attack.  I can park it anywhere and not constantly be looking over my shoulder making sure an envious a loser doesn’t decide to key it

Taking it to my favorite Body Shop in the Bay Area – Kennedy Auto Body

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